Thursday, July 14, 2016

Introducing Reveries Reviews

Hello, my name is Kellyn Roth. I'm an author, a blogger, a homeschooled student, a Christian, a country girl, and (this is what should matter to you) a reader. I've loved stories for as long as I can remember - I never was one of those kids who simply couldn't get into books - and now I hope you share them with you on this blog, Reveries Reviews.

In the past, I posted the reviews of novels I'd recently read on my personal/author blog/website, Reveries ( Since I began accepting review requests from authors and publishers instead of simply reading whichever books I feel like reading, buying them or finding them at the local library myself, I have found that posting reviews once a week is simply not enough.

So Reveries Reviews was born! I've been getting it ready for a while now, and it's finally time to share!

Want to get your book reviewed? Check out the review policy page. You can also contact me about an interview (whether you be author or blogger) or perhaps you'd like to do a guest review! I also do cover reveals, and I'd love to participate in blog tours.

I hope you enjoy the reviews, interviews, and other reading-related posts made here!

~Kellyn Roth


  1. Can't wait for more reviews, Kellyn!
    ~Grace <3
    P.S. Is this the background from Ivy Introspective?

  2. great background! may i suggest you change the color of the header font? I couldn't read it clearly. feel free to ignore this! i love the concept of this blog!

    1. No, no! It's under construction so suggestions are very welcome! Do you mean change the font or color?

    2. The color, to me the dark green didnt stand out enough

  3. Lovely, Kell!! Absolutely lovely!!! Soon RR will become like one of those blogs where everyone wants to get there books reviewed on!! RR will be like the biggest review blog in the history of ever!! I just know it, the crystal ball does not lie. *nods*